Motionless voyages :

It is mainly through books (and the modest library of his father) that this textile designer was able to travel and discover unsuspected worlds that have expanded his universe. But curious about everything she visits many exhibitions, does not hesitate to make during the day a return Valence / Paris to discover for example the exhibition "Jade, emperors to Art Deco" in the Musée Guimet she loves so much. Africa, Asia and their treasures of decorative arts are for her sources of inexhaustible inspirations that leave her always amazed and moved before so much real beauty.

Noting here an interesting graphic, there a new effect of material, here again a combination of surprising color, Dominique Fave feeds on the decorative world's heritage but also the riches that nature offers him and some great artists such as Pierre Soulages, Serge Poliakoff and so on ...

Textile design LIGHT (silk and cotton - 63 x 36 cm)
Serge Poliakoff FORME
Textile design SNAKE (silk and cotton, detail)
Textile design 
(silk ans beads - 21 x 45 cm)
Akuaba ashanti doll
Wall triptych ECHOS (silk, detail)
Snake (unknown photographer)
Textile design ROI TUTSI
(28 x 58 cm, silk, cotton, feathers and shells)
Dan mask with traditional headdress 
Pierre Soulages TRIPTYQUE
Wall design GLYCINE (silk and glass, detail)
Japanese embroideries
Cushions (silk and raffia)
Door of a Ibo hut (Nigeria)
French quilt PAULOWNIA (silk and cotton - 120 x 120 cm)
Temple of the Momoyama period (Japan 1573/1603)
Necklaces ( silk boutis and fine gemstones)

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